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As a full-service marketing and communications firm, we Pennsylvania that helps clients plan and execute programs that get results. Headed up by owner Janet Chambers, the firm specializes in developing effective marketing communications strategies to help businesses and non-profits meet or exceed their marketing goals.

Services include:

Creating a well thought out plan is the beginning of every good marketing strategy. It is critical to identify key stakeholders and target audiences and understand how they make buying decisions.

Our process with each client starts with a review of the client's goals, challenges and opportunities. From here, we investigate what marketing channels would fit best with the client's budget, brand, and target markets. We excel at defining marketing strategies that reach the right potential customers most effectively.

Beacon Marketing works with clients on an hourly project-by-project basis and on retainer. As needed, we utilize a talented local network of freelance graphic designers and other aligned professionals such as web masters and social network experts.

We work with clients in Central Pennsylvania including Huntingdon, Altoona, Lewistown and State College.